Crash The Chatterbox: I Know I Am

The voice you respond to will determine the future you experience. We are going to learn how to overpower the lies of the enemy with the promises of God! That’s what it means to “Crash the Chatterbox.” I AM NEVER _____________________ ENOUGH. VOICES FROM THE CHATTERBOX: 1. I AM SO DYSFUNCTIONAL 2. I AM SO […]

Crash The Chatterbox: Whatever, Whatever

Eight Ways We Can Identify the Chatter that Threatens to Derail Our Individual Destinies: 1. CALL / RESPONSE 2. ENEMY / ME 3. DIALOGUE / DESTINY 4. DECEPTION / DISTORTION 5. PREMISE / PROMISE 6. CONSUME / CONSUMED 7. DETECTION / DEFENSE 8. WHATEVER / WHATEVER   Isaiah 55:1-3 NIV “Come, all you who are […]

Sticks And Stones – Slingers And Swingers

Approach – We want to look at David’s approach to three forces that he faced when taking on Goliath. We can apply these same approaches in our lives when Satan tries to drag us down from being victorious. The constant companion of destiny is doubt. 1. ACCUSATION   1 Samuel 17:26-30 The devil plants doubts […]

Sticks And Stones – Passion And Panthers

Attitude – a passion that motivates your behavior Your attitude can affect your ability and anointing.   Are you a passionate person? Four characteristics of passionate people: 1. PASSIONATE PEOPLE CARRY OUT SMALL ASSIGNMENTS WITH A WILLING SPIRIT “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with a willing […]

Sticks And Stones – Strings And Slings

Strings & Slings: Ability – Growing Your Gift Four things about growing your gift: 1. DILIGENCE    Are you being diligent about growing and developing your gift? 2. EXCELLENCE   Are you doing everything you do with excellence? 3. UNIQUENESS   Are you allowing your uniqueness to be your strong suite with God? 4. EXPERIENCE   Do you […]

Sticks And Stones – Sheep And Oil

I. I Am Anointed to Accomplish My Assignment II. Just Because I’m Not Visible Doesn’t Mean I’m Not Valuable III. I Don’t Need A Greater Assignment to Experience A Greater Anointing IV. I Have Nothing to Prove and Only One to Please This year it’s going to be the same battles and responsibilities, but you […]

‘It is enough’ | Desiree Glass

“And Israel said, ‘It is enough; Joseph my son is still alive. I will go and see him before I die.’” Genesis 45:28 “It is enough,” I read the words of Jacob (also called Israel). Enough. I let the word seep into my soul. Enough. Jacob’s final wish before he died … his only wish … his only prayer was […]