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Moooove Like A Cow | Desiree Glass

Are you frustrated with your life? Are things not moving in the right direction for you? Perhaps this might help… My granddaughter is fascinated with cows. Every time she comes to visit, a trip to the pasture is in order. Recently, I drove two-year-old Layla in my Jeep to see her favorite bovines and stopped at […]

Become a Paradox: Give to Receive | Dallas Cogle

Ever sit back and marvel at how crafty God is at revealing Biblical truths through the clever use of our English language? This shouldn’t surprise us given He’s the author of creation by simply speaking everything into existence. So God’s expert usage of paradox to illustrate a revelation in our lives – I call it […]

‘It is enough’ | Desiree Glass

“And Israel said, ‘It is enough; Joseph my son is still alive. I will go and see him before I die.’” Genesis 45:28 “It is enough,” I read the words of Jacob (also called Israel). Enough. I let the word seep into my soul. Enough. Jacob’s final wish before he died … his only wish … his only prayer was […]