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Sundays, Sept. 6-Oct. 4, feature a 5-week series called ‘Emotions’ based on the hit Disney-Pixar movie, ‘Inside Out.’ If your child liked the movie, he/she will love this series in our classes for 3-6 year olds and 7-10 year olds … It’s all about loving God from the “inside out.”

Some emotions are thought of as good while others are considered bad. But But God made every part of us, and no matter how we are feeling, we can turn to Him.

Series Schedule

Sept. 6: Anger – We all get upset and angry sometimes, but our REVIVE Kids will learn that we need to be slow to anger so our emotions don’t get out of control.

Sept. 13: Fear – Most of the time we’ll do whatever we can not to feel fear, but our REVIVE Kids will learn that when we are afraid, we can tell God what’s scaring us and He will comfort us.

Sept. 20: Disgust – When we see things we don’t like or understand, we may feel disgust. But our REVIVE Kids will learn that Jesus loves everyone – even those that others find disgusting.

Sept. 27: Sadness – No one likes to feel sad, but our REVIVE Kids will learn that sadness can lead us to seek out Jesus, which is the best place we could ever go.

Oct. 4: Joy – Joy is the emotion that makes us feel the best, and our REVIVE Kids will learn that when we walk with Jesus, He will transform our anger, sadness, disgust and fear into a celebration of JOY.