Special 1-hr Family Service

Instead of our usual 10:30 Sunday service, we will be having a special 1-hour Family Service in the sanctuary on New Year’s Day.

There will be no REVIVE Kids program on New Year’s Day for our 3-10 year olds like we usually have each Sunday. Due to this first Sunday of 2017 falling on New Year’s Day, we’re keeping the entire family together in our sanctuary from 11 am-noon, adjusting our start time to accommodate all of our attenders who may have a later night than usual on New Year’s Eve.

The nursery will be available New Year’s Day for our newborns-2 year olds.

Our New Year’s Day special message is entitled, ‘Get Started.’

This message will encourage you in this: You’re never going to finish something you don’t start. When you have a clear picture of where you want to end, you will understand more clearly where you need to begin.

How do we find the motivation to get started this year doing the things we know God wants us to do?

God gave Moses’ eulogy. It was great. What will they say when someone eulogies you at the end of your life?

We have one shot at 2017. In fact, we got one shot at life.

We hope you’ll help us welcome in 2017 in our special 1-hour New Year’s Day Family Service, 11 am-noon.