During the first four Sundays of November, this message series stirred our people to overcome the phobias that keep us paralyzed.

Fear saturates our society. Everywhere we turn we’re faced with a new security threat, informed about a new health risk or warned about some kind of impending doom.
But does this overwhelming presence of fear help us pursue the right path in life?
Or does it pull us away from God’s purpose for us?

In this series, we unpacked the presence of fear in our lives. We came to understand the difference between a healthy fear and a paralyzing paranoia. And through a unique perspective, we saw how we don’t have to be constantly afraid.
We just need to learn to focus our fear so we can discover the kind of peace God wants for us.

Click on this link to listen to each of these four ‘No Fear’ pivotal messages during November as well as catch up on any other Sunday messages or Wednesday adult Bible class sessions you may have missed:

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