REVIVE Women is the women’s ministry at Calvary Grace, designed to connect women of all ages, to draw strength from each other as they grow passionately in their relationships with God.

Our current study is the Propel Conversation series:  Personal Leadership

Propel is an initiative that seeks to serve women who lead in all spheres of life. Women are leading in boardrooms, in playrooms and everywhere in between. Whether you are leading a company, leading a small group, or leading your children, we hope to bring you resources to equip you to reach your God given destiny.

Topics include:  Balance, Decision Making, Communication, Mindset, Prayer Life, and Self-Care.

This group will be formatted with a 30 minute teaching element and then we will break for discussion.

We are an official Propel Chapter through Propel Women (, an organization founded by Christine Caine.

REVIVE Women meet once a month on Saturdays at 10 a.m.  at Staci Pruitt’s home.  

For information please contact Megan Cogle ( or the church at

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