Sermons by Pastor Dallas Cogle

Com-Mission: Possible 2.0

We’ve all been called to be contagious Christians, infecting those around with Christ’s immense love! We’ll discover how the benefits far outweigh the costs when it comes to fulfilling the Great Commission that God out is on earth to do!!

Com-Mission: Possible

EVANGELISM: IT’S ONE OF THE HIGHEST VALUES IN THE CHURCH – BUT ALSO ONE OF THE LEAST PRACTICED. EVANGELISM IS WHAT JESUS CALLED US TO DO VIA THE GREAT COMMISSION BEFORE HE ASCENDED INTO HEAVEN. The irony is that while many of our churches have a rich heritage and strong reputation for evangelism, precious little […]

Football Sunday

Today we kicked off our Super Bowl Sunday with a special Football Sunday service. We listed to featured stories from Anquan Boldin, Brandon and Michi Marshall as well as D’Brickshaw and Kirsten Fergusen. Youth Pastor Dallas Cogle also shared a special message about Overcoming.

Having NO FEAR in a fear-filled culture

Having NO FEAR in a Fear-Filled Culture Backstory to David’s slaying of Goliath   HOW TO AVOID THE HYSTERIA OF A FEAR-FILLED CULTURE: When you fear God, you have nothing else to fear. Fear of God is displayed through obedience to Him: Faithfully submitting to his Authority. Your calling by God should never supersede your […]

Passing the Ultimate Test

Calvary Grace Assembly of God September 11, 2016 PASSING THE ULTIMATE TEST Today’s message is about overcoming the ultimate test of temptation in our lives as Jesus did when he was tempted for 40 days in the wilderness by Satan. Jesus displayed how any Christian can defeat Satan’s crafty tactics through prayer, fasting and the […]

Fear of Rejection

Saul looked the part of being the first king of Israel. He was “an impressive young man without equal among the Israelites — a head taller than any of the others.” Scoop on Saul’s background: He may have looked the part of being a king, but his family was from the smallest of the clans […]