Sermons from February 2015

Crash The Chatter Box: I Know I AM

The voice you respond to will determine the future you experience. We are going to learn how to overpower the lies of the enemy with the promises of God! That’s what it means to “Crash the Chatterbox.” I AM NEVER _____________________ ENOUGH. VOICES FROM THE CHATTERBOX: 1. I AM SO DYSFUNCTIONAL 2. I AM SO […]

Crash The Chatter Box: Whatever, Whatever

The enemy of your life, which is the same Satan who tempted Eve in the Garden and tempted Jesus in the desert, will always brand you with your wrong actions and deceive you by telling you that’s who you are through the constant chatterbox of your thought life. But when you’re preloaded with the promises of God by attending church, praying and reading the Word regularly, you will always ‘Crash the Chatterbox!’
“GREATER is HE that’s within you …”
The Holy Spirit will ALWAYS help you find and replace all the enemy’s evil thoughts in your life called your chatterbox!!

Sticks and Stones: Attack and Advantage

We all have our battles. Our issues. Our struggles. Situations we just wish would end. Fights we just want to get through and move on. But Jesus didn’t come so that we could just survive the battle. He defeated death and sin so that we could also have total victory. So how do we win? How do we finish the fight the right way?
Pastor Tom Cogle explains the advantage we have as Christians, and why simply surviving life is no longer an option.