Sermons from June 2015

At Last

Marriage between a man and woman is a gift from God, modeling the union between Christ and His bride — the Church. 1. The bride is the beautiful centerpiece of every wedding, There’s no bride that’s more beautiful to a groom than the church is to Christ. 2. Total submission must take place in order […]

Road Trip

As we travel this Road Trip, there are several road signs along the way to help us and protect us as we make our journey to the end of our destination.   I.  The Speed Limit Sign Life’s a journey – not a destination   II.  The Detour Sign God will detour you around harmful […]

Put It On Me

There is no guarantee that once we place our faith in the hands of Christ, that our lives will suddenly, magically improve. In fact, we often find that it’s quite the opposite. But a life in Christ is not built on the outcome of our circumstances, no matter how shaky and unstable they may become. […]

Scar Shaper

Many wish their lives were a constant stream of blessings. If that is true, how do we deal with everything that doesn’t turn out just right? I. THE BADGE AND THE BRUISE (2 Timothy 1:12) Often the weakness we want to hide is the place that God produces the strength that he wants to show […]