Living In His Presence – HIS Plan

Calvary Grace Assembly of God
Nov 12 – 19, 2017

Living in His Presence – His Plan
David knew how to lead the people to the house of God to worship before they went out to war & when they came in from war. Solomon asked God for wisdom to be able to do the same.
Worship was an entryway into God’s presence then, and it is an entryway into God’s presence today.

Series: Living IN HIS Presence
Message 5: HIS Plan
Genesis 3:8, Ezekiel 14:1-11
Isaiah 59:2
Pastor Tom Cogle
Sunday, November 12, 2017

God wants us to live in His presence all the time, but sin can pull us away from constant communion with God. Though we don’t make idols of wood or stone like they did in the Old Testament, it is possible for our imagination to keep our
thoughts away from God. Certain thoughts or ideas can become idols and set up strongholds in your heart.

Ways to check and see if you have an idol in your heart:


If we have an idol in our heart – we start presuming on the grace of God


Sin is spiritual adultery.


Sin will cause you not to be able to hear God.


His plan for you is good – not evil.