We Believe…

When Jesus Christ founded His church, there were two characteristics He wanted it to be known by. We were to be “in” or dwelling with our world, but not “of” or conforming to look like our world. The only way for this to occur in a culture that changes it’s appearance frequently and defines truth as dependent upon individual interpretation is to be anchored to that which does not change.

The following 16 themes are what we hold to as un-changing. We believe in…

The Bible as the inspired Word of God as His revelation of himself to mankind.

One true God existing in the Trinity

Jesus Christ as fully God

The Fall of Mankind through willful choice

The Salvation of Mankind available to all through God’s grace and received by faith

Baptism in Water and the Lord’s Supper as ordinances for the church.

The Baptism in the Holy Spirit as God’s empowerment for living made available to all believers

The Gifts of the Spirit to include the prayer language of tongues as initial physical evidence of the Baptism

Sanctification being a process whereby a believer becomes more and more able to live like Christ as they willfully devote themselves to God

The Church as those who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ alone and the Mission He has called it to.

The Ministry of all believers .

Divine Healing as a privilege of all believers.

The Blessed Hope that Christ is returning for those who have believed His message and placed their faith in Him.

The Thousand Year Reign of Christ upon the earth.

The Final Judgement of those who have never accepted Christ.

The New Heavens and Earth awaiting those who are believers in Christ.